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dlpack.c File Reference

Detailed Description

DSDPDataMat, DSDPDualMat, DSDPDSMat, DSDPSchurMat, DSDPXMat, objects implemented in dense upper packed symmetric format.

Definition in file dlpack.c.

#include "dsdpsys.h"
#include "dsdpvec.h"
#include "dsdplapack.h"
#include "dsdpschurmat_impl.h"
#include "dsdpdualmat_impl.h"
#include "dsdpdatamat_impl.h"
#include "dsdpxmat_impl.h"
#include "dsdpdsmat_impl.h"

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struct  dtpumat
struct  dvechmat
struct  Eigen


#define __FUNCT__   "DvechmatComputeEigs"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPGetDmat"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPCreateDvechmatEigs"
#define __FUNCT__   "DvechmatDestroy"
#define __FUNCT__   "CreateDvechmatWData"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPLAPACKDualMatCreate2"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPLAPACKDualMatCreate"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPXMatCreate"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPXMatCreate"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPCreateDSMat"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPCreateDSMatWithArray"
#define __FUNCT__   "DSDPGetLAPACKPUSchurOps"
#define __FUNCT__   "DTPUMatDiag2"
#define __FUNCT__   "DTPUMatDiag"
#define __FUNCT__   "DTPUMatAssemble"


static int CreateDvechmatWdata (int n, double alpha, double vv[], dvechmat **A)
static int CreateEigenLocker (Eigen *E, int neigs, int n)
static void daddrow (double *v, double alpha, int i, double row[], int n)
static int DDenseSetXMat (void *A, double v[], int nn, int n)
static int DDenseVecVec (void *A, double x[], int n, double *v)
static int DenseSymPSDCholeskyForwardMultiply (void *AA, double x[], double y[], int n)
static int DenseSymPSDNormF2 (void *AA, int n, double *dddot)
int DSDPCreateDSMat (int n, struct DSDPDSMat_Ops **dsmatops, void **dsmat)
int DSDPCreateDSMatWithArray (int n, double vv[], int nnz, struct DSDPDSMat_Ops **dsmatops, void **dsmat)
static int DSDPDenseXInitializeOps (struct DSDPVMat_Ops *densematops)
static int DSDPDSDenseInitializeOps (struct DSDPDSMat_Ops *densematops)
int DSDPGetDMat (int n, double alpha, double *val, struct DSDPDataMat_Ops **sops, void **smat)
int DSDPGetLAPACKPUSchurOps (int n, struct DSDPSchurMat_Ops **sops, void **mdata)
static int DSDPInitSchurOps (struct DSDPSchurMat_Ops *mops)
int DSDPLAPACKPUDualMatCreate (int n, struct DSDPDualMat_Ops **sops, void **smat)
int DSDPLAPACKPUDualMatCreate2 (int n, struct DSDPDualMat_Ops **sops1, void **smat1, struct DSDPDualMat_Ops **sops2, void **smat2)
int DSDPXMatPCreate (int n, struct DSDPVMat_Ops **xops, void **xmat)
int DSDPXMatPCreateWithData (int n, double nz[], int nnz, struct DSDPVMat_Ops **xops, void **xmat)
static int DTPUMatAddRow (void *AA, int nrow, double dd, double row[], int n)
static int DTPUMatAssemble (void *M)
static int DTPUMatCholeskyBackward (void *AA, double b[], double x[], int n)
static int DTPUMatCholeskyFactor (void *AA, int *flag)
static int DTPUMatCholeskyForward (void *AA, double b[], double x[], int n)
static int DTPUMatCreateWData (int n, double nz[], int nnz, dtpumat **M)
static int DTPUMatDestroy (void *AA)
static int DTPUMatDiag (void *M, int row, double dd)
static int DTPUMatDiag2 (void *M, double diag[], int m)
int DTPUMatEigs (void *AA, double W[], double IIWORK[], int nn1, double *mineig)
static int DTPUMatFull (void *A, int *full)
static int DTPUMatGetDenseArray (void *A, double *v[], int *n)
static int DTPUMatGetRowAdd (void *AA, int nrow, double ytmp, double row[], int n)
static int DTPUMatGetSize (void *AA, int *n)
static int DTPUMatInverseAdd (void *AA, double alpha, double y[], int nn, int n)
static int DTPUMatInverseMult (void *AA, int indx[], int nind, double x[], double y[], int n)
static int DTPUMatInvert (void *AA)
static int DTPUMatLogDet (void *AA, double *dd)
static int DTPUMatMult (void *AA, double x[], double y[], int n)
static int DTPUMatOuterProduct (void *AA, double alpha, double x[], int n)
static int DTPUMatRestoreDenseArray (void *A, double *v[], int *n)
static int DTPUMatRowNonzeros (void *M, int row, double cols[], int *ncols, int nrows)
static int DTPUMatScaleDiagonal (void *AA, double dd)
static int DTPUMatShiftDiagonal (void *AA, double shift)
static int DTPUMatSolve (void *AA, double b[], double x[], int n)
static int DTPUMatView (void *AA)
static int DTPUMatZero (void *AA)
static void dtpuscalemat (double vv[], double ss[], int n)
static void dtpuscalevec (double alpha, double v1[], double v2[], double v3[], int n)
static int DvechEigVecVec (void *, double[], int, double *)
static int DvechmatAddMultiple (void *AA, double alpha, double r[], int nnn, int n)
static int DvechmatComputeEigs (dvechmat *, double[], int, double[], int, double[], int, int[], int)
static int DvechmatCountNonzeros (void *AA, int *nnz, int n)
static int DvechmatDestroy (void *AA)
static int DvechmatDot (void *AA, double x[], int nn, int n, double *v)
static int DvechmatFactor (void *AA, double dmatp[], int nn0, double dwork[], int n, double ddwork[], int n1, int iptr[], int n2)
static int DvechmatFNorm2 (void *AA, int n, double *v)
static int DvechmatGetEig (void *AA, int rank, double *eigenvalue, double vv[], int n, int indz[], int *nind)
static int DvechmatGetRank (void *AA, int *rank, int n)
static int DvechmatGetRowAdd (void *AA, int trow, double scl, double r[], int m)
static int DvechmatGetRowNnz (void *AA, int trow, int nz[], int *nnzz, int n)
static int DvechmatOpsInitialize (struct DSDPDataMat_Ops *sops)
static int DvechmatVecVec (void *AA, double x[], int n, double *v)
static int DvechmatView (void *AA)
static int EigMatGetEig (Eigen *A, int row, double *eigenvalue, double eigenvector[], int n)
static int EigMatSetEig (Eigen *A, int row, double eigv, double v[], int n)
static int SDualOpsInitialize (struct DSDPDualMat_Ops *sops)
static int switchptr (void *SD, void *SP)


static const char * datamatname = "DENSE VECH MATRIX"
static struct DSDPSchurMat_Ops dsdpmmatops
static struct DSDPDataMat_Ops dvechmatops
static const char * lapackname = "DENSE,SYMMETRIC,PACKED STORAGE"
static struct DSDPDualMat_Ops sdmatops
static struct DSDPDSMat_Ops tdsdensematops
static struct DSDPVMat_Ops turdensematops

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